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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

#Press Release
22Jan 2021

Expanding Our Global Footprint! Zhen Ding Group is Recruiting Talents !

We are looking for you! Welcome to Zhen Ding Group

Expanding Our Global Footprint! Zhen Ding Group is Recruiting Talents!

After the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the trade war between China and the United States, the global technology industry is rethinking its layout and expanding its business territory in a more in-depth and faster manner in response to various changes beyond our control, with "talent" being the key to industry development. Therefore, Zhen Ding Group which has a global layout, will be expanding our recruitment, and we invite professionals in high-tech related fields to join the team and grow with Zhen Ding Group.

Zhen Ding Group is a joint venture between Taiwan (Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited, stock code: 4958) and Shenzhen (Avary Holding, stock code: 002938), a leading global printed circuit board brand listed in both locations. We are a professional services company that provides one-stop shopping experience for the design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales of various types of printed circuit boards. We have a global presence with five production bases (Taiwan, China, and India), as well as over 20 service offices in Taiwan, China, North America, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and India, to provide real-time business and technical services to our global customers.

Zhen Ding has an elite management team with extensive professional experience, leading the Group to continuous development and innovation. In addition to fortifying cooperation with numerous renowned vendors around the world to access their new product lines, we keep abreast of current trends and development for electronic products related to 5G, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, Industrial Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. We are also constantly promoting research, development, and deployment in the field of automotive electronics, enabling our outstanding management team to lay down the foundation for steady growth in revenue and profits. In 2017, the 11th year after the establishment of Zhen Ding Holding Limited, the Group's revenue surpassed NT$100 billion, making us the world's largest PCB company. Since then, revenue has continued to rise in consecutive years. In 2020, even faced with difficulties in the general environment, Zhen Ding's annual revenue reached NT$131.2 billion, achieving a record high for the fourth consecutive year.

Looking ahead, in addition to continuing to invest in China, Taiwan and India, we will remain committed to our business strategy— "stable growth, structural adjustments, innovation promotion, and risk management", we will continue to optimize production capacity and ensure the robustness of each of our product line by focusing on the upgrade of high-end products and technologies. We will also actively promote long-term cooperation with strategic partners, collaborate in the development of new materials, new equipment, and new technologies required for specialized manufacturing processes. With the goal of building a smart factory for Industry 4.0, we will develop advanced technologies and high-performing, cost-effective materials to lead industry advancement, provide customers with leading technology and quality, and strengthen our core competence to grow together with our strategic partners. To serve with corporate social responsibility, we are dedicated to environment protection and responding to risks of climate change, as well as continuously innovating and striving towards our mission of "continuous technology development for better human life; continuous environmental excellence for a greener earth."

Recruitment Detail:
1Job Locations: Taiwan, China, India
2.Positions: Executive level talents in Finance, Accounting, Business Management, Auditing, Automation, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality Assurance, IE Supervisor, and Human Resources Recruiting.
3.Contact Information: +886-3-3835678 ext. 33321, Ms. Kuo
4.Zhen Ding official website: