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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

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Your accompany and support is the driving force for us to move forward.
Zhen Ding Technology Group Global Supply Chain Strategic Partners Conference.
Left: DuPont holds a significant role as a key strategic partner, supplying a diverse range of raw materials and services for Zhen Ding. Aligned with Zhen Ding’s commitment to sustainable development, DuPont actively engages in corresponding initiatives and is enthusiastic about knowledge sharing. During the recent supplier conference, DuPont shared its experience in sustainable development with us and fellow suppliers.
Right: Siemens Industrial Software Co., Ltd. stands out for its exceptional achievements in the field of digitalization. As a crucial strategic partner, it plays an integral role in our operations by providing Zhen Ding with comprehensive digital and integrated services that span the entirety of our industrial value chain. Siemens Industrial Software underscores that Zhen Ding is actively pursuing a digital enterprise transformation and is open to mutual knowledge exchange. During the recent supplier conference, Siemens Industrial Software imparted insights into smart manufacturing and digital transformation within the industry to us and fellow suppliers.
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