Supplier Management Principles

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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

General Requirements for suppliers
  • 01
    Vendors should set top manager as the leader/sponsor of ZDT service team and set the experienced team for support.
  • 02
    Strategic synergy, set ZDT as the 1st position of strategic partner.Organization coordination, information sharing, honor the promises and develop together.
  • 03
    Guarantee our relatively optimal competitiveness
  • 04
    prioritized to recommending new technologies and cost optimization solutions
  • 05
    Based on quality, improve the quality system and traceability system
  • 06
    Co-construct an anti-corruption purchasing environment
Prohibited behavior
  • 01

    No bribery to any staff of ZDT
    (commission, gifts, stock or any valuable goods)

  • 02

    No related party transaction in cooperation with ZDT
    (ZDT staff or relatives could not do direct or indirect investment, shareholding, part-time or full-time position)

  • 03

    No transaction with blacklist vendors

  • 04

    Prohibited to transfer co-develop case to other partywithout official written consent

  • 05

    No violation to PCN/ECN rules

  • 06

    Business purchasing is prohibited from bypassing the procurement department

  • 07

    No commercial fraud and violation of commercial standards

  • 08

    No unfair competition and violation of access to new vendor list

ZDT initiate the spirit of Fairness and Equity, honest and self-disciplined, integrity corporation. To establish a honest and disinterested purchasing environment.
Any bribery or violation against the commercial standards, please report to

ZDT promises to keep the informant's information absolutely confidential