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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Alt 名稱
Sustainability Management

Zhen Ding's Sustainable Development Committee compiles and publishes corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports on an annual basis, and strengthens the disclosure and transparency of information on major ESG-related topics in order to effectively communicate with all stakeholders. Zhen Ding uses the Committee's internal work meetings to discuss and identify stakeholder groups with significant economic, environmental, and social impact on the company. We identified eight major stakeholder groups for Zhen Ding based on dependency, responsibility, influence, diverse perspectives, focus, and the company's actual operations. The major stakeholders are employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, investors, community, government, and banks. We identified and confirmed 13 material topics of concern to stakeholders through the following five steps:

Sustainable Achievements
Largest PCB Company

The largest PCB manufacturer in the world

NTD 12,402 million

Net income after tax reached a record high amount of NTD 12,402 million in 2019

NTD 4,024 million

Cash dividends distributed to shareholders totaled NTD 4,024 million in 2019


R&D expense amounted to NTD 6,410 million in 2019, equivalent to 5.1% of operating revenue.

904 Patents

As of the end of 2019, 904 patents were obtained worldwide, 93% of which were utility patents.

643 Million

Expenditure and investments for environmental protection totaled NTD 643 million in 2019


Volume of recycled water increased by 51.7% in 2019 compared to previous year, raising recycling rate to 49.1%


93.8% of waste resources were recycled in 2019, exceeding 90% over the years

36,181 Employees

36,181 employees as of the end of 2019 (31.5% of team members were female)

0 Incident

Zero major injuries and occupational diseases in 2019

470,000 Participation

3,331 charity events were organized in 2019 and participated by 470,000 volunteers