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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Products & Services

Zhen Ding Group is committed to efficiency and the constant pursuit of innovation. With trends toward lightweightness, automation, connectivity, and motorization, we adopt advanced technologies to provide products that meet the requirements of cutting-edge applications.


FPC: Flexible Printed Circuit. A special kind of PCB which has the advantage of light, thin, soft and flexable. FPC is mainly used in smartphones, notebooks, smart wearable devices and many other products.

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SLP: Substrate-Like PCB. SLP is called the "next generation of PCB". The L/S of SLP can be as low as 20/35um, compared to 40/50um of HDI. SLP is closer to IC substrate used for semiconductor packaging in manufacturing process.

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HDI: High Density Interconnect PCB. HDI has small size, high circuit distribution density, and good transmission efficiency, conducive to the use of advanced packaging technology, the cost is lower than traditional PCB when the layers exceeds 8L.

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RPCB: Rigid PCB. RPCB is made of non-flexible base material, it can provide support for the electronic components on it. After being made, it is fixed in the casing of device. It is a circuit board that almost all electronic products must use.

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IC substrate is an intermedium that communicates chip and circuit board. Chip and circuit board can be connected by its internal circuit. It is a key component of the IC packaging process which characterized by light weight, small size, stable quality and excellent information access.

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Rigid Flex has the advantages of rigid PCB and Flex PCB, it has smaller space occupation, better signal transmission reliability. Rigid Flex adapts to the current trend of end products that are becoming thinner and lighter.

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COF: Chip on flex or chip on film. It is the most advanced full-screen smartphone display driver IC solution currently. It can also be applied to fingerprint-on-display modules, smart watch display modules, and high-resolution TVs and medical displays etc.

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Using SMT (surface mount technology) and other technologies, we provide professional surface mount services, as well as various precision parts assembly and testing. We provide value-added Total Solution services to customers.

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