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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Governance Overview

In accordance with the regulatory requirements of corporate governance, the Company continuously refines the practice of corporate governance with the following five principles:
1. Protecting shareholders' rights and interests;
2. Strengthening the functions of the board of directors;
3. Exerting the function of supervisors;
4. Respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders;
5. Enhancing the transparency of disclosure

Corporate Governance Officer

Ms. Duen Ling, Company Spokesperson and Senior Manager, was appointed as the company's Corporate Governance Officer, who is responsible to safeguards shareholder interests and strengthen the functions of the Board of Directors. She has more than three years of experience as a financial executive. Her main duties are to provide information required for business execution by Directors, assist with legal compliance, and process matters related to board meetings and shareholders' meetings.

Continuing Education of Corporate Governance Officer in 2021