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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Leading industrial technologies and going beyond customer expectations
R&D strategy and direction

“Leading industrial technologies and going beyond customer expectations” has always been the strategic goal of Zhen Ding Tech. Group technological development. Zhen Ding Tech. Group has a Business Strategy Development Committee to plan the company's long-term strategy and direction, and set up the R&D Center to be responsible for advanced technology development. ZDT has invested long-term resources to develop new products, new processes, new technologies, new materials, and new equipment. We actively participate in the early research, development and design of customers’ products to provide the best solutions, and use differentiated competitive strategies to achieve beyond customer needs. By enhancing academic-industrial-research collaboration, we conduct researches on basic materials and applications as well as common key technologies, and develop core and innovative technologies to lead the industry and the trend with a centralized competitiveness-oriented strategy.

Product development direction

“Light, thin, short, small, high, low, multiple, fast, precise, aesthetic, fine and smart”is the technical direction of our product development. Oriented by high density, high frequency high speed, strong ability of heat dissipation, high reliability, multilayer interconnection, thinness, miniature, elaboration and integration etc., we will continue to improve technology development by collaborating with international first-class customer R&D, establishing supply chain strategic partnerships, grasping market trends and new product business opportunities, vertically integrating technical requirements, continuously promoting innovation, and jointly creating industry value chain.