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Zhen Ding Tech. Group


The success of an organization largely depends on the leadership. Leaders at Zhen Ding Tech. Group are expected to behave ethically and selflessly. They strive to fulfill their accountability in order to serve as a role model to all of our employees.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission
Developing technologies for human betterment and protecting the environment for a greener planet.
Our Vision
Leading the PCB industry for related development.
Each of our team members are driven by our values – integrity, accountability, innovation, excellence, and altruism – to fulfill our ambitions together.

Sustainable Culture
  • (1) Integrity
  • (2) Diligence
  • (3) Accountability
  • (4) Collaboration
  • (5) Contribution

This is the creed shared by all of our employees. We are committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise that is well-loved by our teams, relied on by our customers, supported by our strategic partners, trusted by our shareholders, and respected by the communities.

Strategy and Goals

Growth with Stability, Structure Adjustment, Innovation Acceleration, and Risk Control.


  • (1) Establishing a new, eco-friendly demonstration base that meets PCB standards.
  • (2) Using vertical integration to provide quick, high-quality, and cost-effective services.
  • (3) Building a culture of accountability.
  • (4) Developing our owned technical knowhow.
  • (5) Strengthening the development and integration of materials and equipment to enhance competitive advantages and establish strategic partnerships.

We apply adequate business model based on these business goals and strategies together with right talents, products, technologies, customers, and strategic partners.


We fully understand the importance of the co-existence and co-prosperity between businesses, people, the environment, and society. We also firmly believe in the value of altruism, which is the cornerstone of sustainable business operations. Therefore, based on the business philosophy of caring for our employees, serving our clients, and creating profits for our stakeholders, the Zhen Ding Tech. Group drives the growth of the industry, economy, and society as a whole, while maintaining sustainable development and competitiveness in a rapidly changing environment. Over the years, our customers and suppliers have given us the opportunity to integrate business practices with corporate social accountability (CSR) in our operations. Investment, regulations, and clients are the power pushing forward our CSR strategy. Thus, employees, customers, strategic partners, shareholders, and even society and the environment are all indispensable building blocks for the sustainable development of Zhen Ding Tech. Group, and we constantly remind ourselves of our founding objectives: Zhen Ding Tech. Group is all about integrity, accountability, innovation, excellence, and altruism.