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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Environmental Policy

Zhen Ding is committed to "Establish a model of new environment-friendly PCB production base", and takes this as our business development strategy. We know that sustainable development is the key to ensure the continuous progress of the company. Zhen Ding's "Seven Greens" is our concept of green development. Our environmental policy: " Prevent and Control Pollution, Continue to Reduce Waste, Produce and Provide Green Products; Energy Saving, Protect the Earth, and Engage in Green Enterprise", and our energy guidelines: "Energy Saving, Emission Reduction, Greening, Recycling, Compliance, Standardization, Integration and Responsibility" are strictly enforced. At the same time, in order to deal with climate change, we promote energy conservation, pollution reduction, efficiency optimization and clean energy implementation in five areas of lighting, heating, electricity, cooling and AI management to create a green and low-carbon sustainable future.

Our Environmental, Safety, and Health (ESH) Initiatives

• Allocate necessary resources and information to achieve EHS objectives.
• Design our products to be safe and efficient, and strive to reduce environmental impact throughout their life cycle.
• Proactively manage risks in the workplace to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
• Continuously promote sustainable development initiatives to mitigate climate change and reduce our environmental footprint by preventing pollution, reducing energy and water consumption, and using renewable energy.
• Continuously improve the EHS management system to comply with applicable legal and other requirements, monitor and improve EHS performance, eliminate hazards and risks, and incorporate industry best practices.
• Motivate employees to participate actively in EHS initiatives.
• Work with suppliers to encourage them to they adopt responsible business alliance codes of conduct in order to build a safe and environmentally friendly green supply chain.Continue to facilitate recycled material usage and circular economy.
• Enforce contractors, partners and others who work at or visit Zhen Ding to understand and comply with our EHS requirements.
• Share EHS related information with stakeholders and contribute to sound public policy and business initiatives.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

After long-term development, Zhen Ding has established a complete set of environmental management system.

Intellectual Property Management Plan

Intellectual Property Management Plan