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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Risk Management

Risk Management Policy

To reduce the risks that may be faced by the operations, the Group's "Risk Management Policy" was approved by the Board of Directors on December 28, 2021, as a reference basis for the formulation of business strategies to ensure the long-term sustainable and stable development of the company's business and overall operation. In accordance with the global political and economic development trends and changes, we adhere to the tenet of "long-term attention, sustainable development, and striving for the best", actively implement the policy of "prevention-oriented control of source, full participation for comprehensive control", and fully carry out the principle of "whoever is in charge must be responsible". Risks are defined according to the company's overall business policy, and we have set up risk management mechanisms for early identification, accurate measurement, effective supervision, and rigorous control. Given acceptable risk, the policy prevents possible losses and achieve the goal of optimal resource allocation. VIEW THE FULL POLICIES

Risk Management Organization

The company has set up a Risk Management Steering Committee, which is composed of the top executives of each business unit, to supervise the improvement and identification of risk control and approve the priority of risk control, and report to the Board.

Risk Management Procedures

To improve the risk management function, the Group's risk management is carried out through:
(1) risk identification, (2) risk assessment, (3) risk control, and (4) risk monitoring and communication to clearly grasp the scope of each risk.

Through PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) management measures, we will continue to improve and manage the risk factors to reduce the chance and degree of risk loss, and take appropriate measures to efficiently implement risk management.

Emerging Risks

In accordance with the emerging risk profiles proposed by the World the World Economic Forum's "Global Risks Report", we continue to review and identify the risks which may potentially have the most significant impact on the business in the future:


Environmental Management

Environmental Management

After long-term development, Zhen Ding has established a complete set of environmental management system.

Responsible Supply Chain

Responsible Supply Chain