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Zhen Ding Tech. Group


All products manufactured by Zhen Ding were 100% compliant with the EU RoHS standard, IEC 62474, and other applicable laws and regulations, as well as customer requirements, and its revenue was 100% of the total revenue.

Since 2008, production sites of Zhen Ding have passed the hazardous substance management system certification (IECQ QC080000). The objective of our hazardous substance control is “reducing or avoiding the use of hazardous substances to meet regulatory and customer requirements”. We control the use of hazardous substances by following the principle of not designing, not purchasing, not introducing, not manufacturing, and not releasing hazardous substances. Testing devices such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma (ICP), gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy or ultraviolet–visible spectrophotometry (UV-VIS) are used to conduct scheduled tests in order to strengthen the management of hazardous substances in raw materials and products. Meanwhile, in compliance with customer requirements and regulatory requirements concerning applicable hazardous substances, we establish target indicators that need to be met when shipping out products, and constantly monitor the status of these indicators. In addition, we also establish a Green Product organization and established a "Green Product Management Platform“ to continuously promote the management of hazardous substances. VIEW MORE ABOUT CHEMICAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT

Product Development Process

The company also follows the principle of not designing, not purchasing, not introducing, not manufacturing, and not releasing in each step of managing product-related aspects (people, machine, materials, methods, and environment) and adopts the PDCA mod

To ensure the materials purchased and products shipped meet the requirements stipulated by customers and law, Zhen Ding has established a Physics Laboratory and Chemical Laboratory where product-related reliability tests, physical tests, chemical tests, and failure analysis can be conducted independently.

The company develops products in five phases in order to effectively carry out product development tasks and ensure that products meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements on the quality and quantity of products developed.

Plans for Phasing out Hazardous Chemicals

Zhen Ding has introduced programs to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and produce less VOC emissions. According to the material safety data sheet, Zhen Ding has confirmed that the cleaning agents used in the production process contains 10%-20% of methanol. According to the occupational health and safety evaluation, methanol can invade the human body through inhalation, ingestion or percutaneous absorption, which is highly toxic and has the greatest impact on the human nervous system and blood system.

According to the current regulatory requirements, methanol in cleaning agents has not been banned, only its content is limited. However, in order to reduce exposure to occupational hazard factors, after actively communicating and coordinating with suppliers, through theoretical analysis and experimental tests, Zhen Ding has successfully switched to another methanol-free H-02 cleaning agent to replace the original cleaning agent. At the same time, we have passed third-party organization’s test report and suppliers’ safety data sheet. Also, the content of RoHS, halogen, VOCs and specific restricted substances are in compliance with the current laws and regulations and customer requirements. VIEW MORE ABOUT CHEMICAL PHASE-OUT PLAN

Green Product Stewardship Policy

Green Product Stewardship Policy

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance