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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

13Dec 2022

Zhen Ding 's Clarification on the allegations of forced labor in its subsidiary Avary Holding (Shenzhen) Co., Limited

Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited ("Zhen Ding") is concerned about allegations of forced labor in its subsidiary Avary Holding (Shenzhen) Co., Limited ("Avary"), and would like to clarify the following:

Zhen Ding and its subsidiary Avary have never been involved in forced labor. Currently, Zhen Ding and its subsidiary Avary do not employ any direct labor from Xinjiang. In order to prevent the misuse of forced labor and ensure the implementation of the principle of voluntariness, all employees are required to sign a declaration form before they are fully onboarded. This declaration form pledges that they have not been coerced or forced into being employed by the company.

Third-party audit: In 2022, Zhen Ding and its subsidiary Avary's facilities in Huai'an, Shenzhen, and Qinhuangdao were audited by independent external parties in accordance with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Verification Audit Processes (VAP). Neither forced labor nor human rights were violated, according to the report.

Management and implementation of human rights policy: Zhen Ding and its subsidiary Avary are committed to adhering to international human rights-related conventions when formulating the "Statement of Human Rights Policy" to protect our employees' fundamental human rights. In order to implement the human rights policy, Zhen Ding and its subsidiary Avary have developed several policies and procedures focusing on voluntariness and prohibiting forced labor in recruitment and appointment.

Human rights training: We educate and train new employees, existing employees, human resources recruiters, and management at all levels about human rights issues. We have conducted training in human resources, human rights policy advocacy, forced labor training, etc. The total number of training hours reached 435,216 in 2022 and 187,615 people participated in human rights training.

Communication channels: To facilitate effective communication with employees and to prevent and address any issues that could harm the rights and interests of employees, we have established multiple effective communication channels and grievance mechanisms such as employee suggestion boxes, complaint mailboxes, employee service centers, and care hotlines. Additionally, we communicate our policies online, in-person, and via multimedia to raise employees' awareness of human rights.

Zhen Ding & its subsidiary Avary welcomes stakeholders & concerned parties to discuss with us, at any time, on such important issues. READ THE FULL THIRD-PARTY AUDIT REPORT