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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

08Jun 2023

May 2023 Monthly Revenue Report

Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (Ticker: 4958), a leading global PCB manufacturer, today reported May 2023 revenue of NT$8,271 million, up 15.85% MoM and down 28.42% YoY. For January through May 2023, cumulative revenue reached NT$46,956 million, down 15.87% YoY. According to Zhen Ding, while the revenue increased in May compared to April, the company still expects the second quarter to be a traditional off-season due to the impact of customer product transitions. As the industry enters the traditional peak season in the third quarter, Zhen Ding expects a moderate recovery in its operations driven by the shipments of customers’ new products. Download as PDF