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Zhen Ding Tech. Group


Promote Low-carbon and High-efficiency Production

In accordance with the initiative to control global warming by 1.5°C, combined with the requirements of local governments and our company's sustainable development strategy, Zhen Ding has formulated climate change management strategies and green development goals, and actively promoted low-carbon, high-efficiency and cleaner production activities.

The total investment in 2022 is NTD 370 million, including an investment of NTD 304 million in direct environmental mitigation, an investment of NTD 60.61 million in indirect environmental mitigation, and an environmental investment of NTD 1.52 million in response to climate change. Energy conservation and carbon reduction projects in 2022 have achieved an annual carbon reduction of approximately 25,310 tons. The key investments and energy-saving projects include:

(1) Equipment efficiency improvement: magnetic levitation chillers
Our Shenzhen site has introduced magnetic levitation chillers, which can save more than 30% of energy compared to traditional centrifugal units. By replacing traditional chillers, the electricity usage reduces by 1,820,000kWh/yr.

(2) Energy management: self-built solar power generation on-site
Solar power generation is built on the roof of our buildings, with a construction area of 15,000 square meters, an annual power generation of 3,952 megawatt hours (MWh), and a carbon reduction of approximately 2,780 tons.

(3) Heat recovery and reuse: water source heat pump
Our Qinhuangdao site uses water source heat pumps to recover the waste heat emitted when air compressors, chillers and other equipment are operating to replace the steam needed to heat up water and air, reducing the use of natural gas in boilers and reducing carbon emissions. The use of natural gas is reduced by approximately 2.29 million cubic meters/yr.

Manufacturing Using Recyclable Metals

The key raw materials used by Zhen Ding include gold, palladium, and tin, involving potassium gold cyanide, palladium salt/palladium solution, copper powder/copper balls/copper foil, solder paste/tin balls, and copper foil contained in FCCL and CCL. Zhen Ding has been working with suppliers and customers to promote the use of recycled metals. The introduction of recycled potassium gold cyanide has been tested in the first half of 2021 and has already been introduced into the production of some of our business units, with the annual amount of recycled potassium gold cyanide reaching 7% of the potassium gold cyanide usage. More business units and more products are expected to introduce the use of recycled potassium gold cyanide in 2022. In addition, the amount of copper recycled in copper powder/balls is still under investigation, but in the copper clad laminate (CCL) segment, we have already requested suppliers to use copper foil made from recycled copper, and some upstream copper foil manufacturers of CCL already use more than 90% recycled copper. We are currently testing the use of CCL made of 100% recycled copper and expect to partially introduce it by 2022.

Zhen Ding strives to promote the circular economy and has gradually introduced recycled metals for production in 2021, including the following:

1. The total amount of recycled gold used in production is about 442 kg (about 35% of the total gold usage), of which the gold reused (reuse during the production process) is about 83 kg (about 6.6% of the total gold usage)

2. The total amount of recycled copper used in production is about 6,110 tons (about 70% of the total copper usage). The recycled copper provided by suppliers (i.e. using recycled copper to make copper foil), is approximately 810 tons; moving forward, it is planned to reproduce copper carbonate from waste liquid to provide raw materials for the use of phosphorus copper balls, and the total amount of recycled copper can be used in production is approximately 918 tons.

3. The total amount of recycled palladium used in production is about 51 kg (about 21% of the total palladium usage)

Source Reduction and Recycling

Best Case : Copper-containing Micro-etching Circulation

The copper-containing micro-etching waste is processed by the in-plant recycling system to recover copper metal and recycle micro-etching solution. The copper metal can be recycled, and the micro-etching solution is reused in the manufacturing process to achieve the effect of reducing both hazardous waste and raw materials.

Information and Communication Security Management

Information and Communication Security Management

Policies and Procedures for Insider Trading Prevention

Policies and Procedures for Insider Trading Prevention

Preventing insider trading by directors or employees