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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Industrial Safety Concept and Culture

Industrial Safety Concept and Culture

The company regards environmental protection and safety as the cornerstone of the company’s development. It complies with the requirements of laws and regulations, customer guidelines and the company’s sustainable business objectives to formulate "Prevent disaster. Concern about responsibilities. Provide safe hygienic and health environment. Comply with laws and regulations." occupational safety and health policy.
Since its establishment, the company has actively promoted relevant safety management systems (such as operating OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 45001:2018 and other systems), established rules and regulations, safety policies, and established safety production management in accordance with the company's actual rules and regulations, with a belief that is superior to laws and regulations. Institutions, improve the safety management system, carry out employee safety training, identify and control hazards, proactively self-examine and eliminate hidden dangers, establish a friendly working environment and conduct inspections and improvements, provide comprehensive safety protection for employees, and establish emergency response System and fire protection system maintenance are aimed at establishing a safe and healthy working environment.

Green Culture

Green Culture

In 2008, we announced the concept of Zhen Ding Tech. Group's "Seven Greens",that made us SPECIAL on creating and promoting our green values and cultures as well as fulfill corporate society responsibility actively

Occupational Health Management

Occupational Health Management