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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Safety training activities

Safety training activities

In order to enhance employees' safety awareness and ability, the company provides various forms of safety training and organizes various themed activities to form a self-managed safety culture.
1) Education and training: The company's main person in charge, safety management personnel and special operations personnel have been professionally trained by relevant departments and hold certificates. The company strictly implements a three-level (company/workshop/team) safety education and training system for employees to enable employees to master safety knowledge.
2) Safety theme activities: The company organizes safety month activities in June and firefighting month activities in November every year. The activities include safety theme banners, video broadcasts, knowledge lectures, fun quizzes, knowledge contests, etc., in a lively way enhance employees' understanding of safety knowledge.
3) Safety culture: Set up an "industrial safety page" in the company's internal monthly magazine to promote safety knowledge. The company actively organizes employees to participate in safety activities organized by the government and the community.
4) External safety guidance: In addition to independent management, the company invites professional safety consultants, government experts and other technical teams to conduct safety inspections and guidance on the company, so as to improve the company's overall safety management level and stabilize the company's safety cornerstone.

Industrial Safety Concept and Culture

Industrial Safety Concept and Culture

Occupational Health Management

Occupational Health Management