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Zhen Ding Tech. Group

Green Culture

Zhen Ding Tech. Group's 'Seven Greens'

In 2008, we announced the concept of Zhen Ding Tech. Group's "Seven Greens": Green Service, Green Production, Green Existence, Green Chain of supply, Green Innovation, Green Actions on recycle, and Green Logistics, that made us SPECIAL on creating and promoting our green values and cultures as well as fulfill corporate society responsibility actively.

Green Service:Add green concept to customer service content and way (close to customer service, green alliance sustainable management)
Green Production:Improve production process, implement energy saving and waste reduction (develop production equipment with low energy consumption and low pollution emission)
Green Existence:In the company's overall operation management, staff work/life (comprehensive introduction of energy saving and consumption reduction concept at all levels)
Green Chain of supply:Strengthening green supply chain management requires suppliers to comply with green product specifications (meet RoHS/ halogen free requirements, etc.)
Green Innovation:Develop green materials and technologies (provide raw materials that are easy to handle/decompose/recycle)
Green Actions on recycle:Implement waste recycling (water recycling, waste recycling, heat recovery)
Green Logistics:Packaging and logistics improvement and improvement of transportation efficiency (materials use recyclable packaging materials, improve vehicle utilization rate and reduce fuel consumption)

The cultural concept of Zhen Ding Tech. Group's "Seven Greens" is deeply rooted in the hearts of all employees, and goes deep into all departments and operational links.

Coastal cleanup
Coastal cleanup

Environmental protection and Energy saving month

Every year, from April 22nd the Earth Day to June 5th the World Environment Day is Zhen Ding Tech. Group's Environmental protection and Energy saving month. We carry out a number of educational green activities and events based on the principle of sustainability to raise our employees' awareness.

Since 2007, 13 consecutive environmental protection and energy saving month activities have been held. During this period, each of our Plants extended our interests and engaged with local governments, schools, and communities to organize various environmental activities, promoting green society through practical actions.

Guests visit
Guests visit

Concept of promotion

Zhen Ding Tech. Group's founding, we have received more than 90 green awards or recognitions, including top honor for certain project from both governments and clients.

We have initiated various industry-institution cooperation projects involving pilot tests and providing environmentally friendly solutions.

Since its inception, the company has continued to pay attention to the Blue map, on the IPE website PRTR information disclosure.

To be a model of environmental excellence, we will continue to innovate and strive for our efforts on environmental protection and make the earth a better place.

Cyclic Utilization

Cyclic Utilization

Doing a good job in water resources management and water recovery is one of the important links in enterprise management

Industrial Safety Concept and Culture

Industrial Safety Concept and Culture