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Zhen Ding Tech. Group



Articles of Association

Rules and Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings

Remuneration Committee Charter

Audit Committee Charter

Nominating Committee Charter

Sustainability Committee Charter

Rules for Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors and Functional Committee

Standard Procedures for Handling Directors' Requests

Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information

Policy on Preventing Fraud and Corruption

Report for Illegal & Misconduct Rule

Rules for Election of Directors

Principles of Corporate Governance Best Practice

Principles of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice

Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice

Ethical Corporate Management Operating Procedures and code of conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct

Procedures for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets

Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties

Procedures for Endorsements and Guarantees

Policies and Procedures for Financial Derivatives Transactions

Rules and Procedures of Shareholders' Meeting

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

Risk Management Committee Charter